mc 9 – Wendy Webber’s words – congruence

mc 9 see Inspirational Books 2015 and My Story Part I

The following  words were found in ‘Appendix Two’ in Nicolya Christi’s  “Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World”  they are from Wendy Webber’s  “Coming Home”.  Even just the title of Nicolya’s book brings a whole new paradigm to spiritual understanding and consciousness and both of these incredible women’s words have influenced me sufficiently to be writing here now.

 Reweaving the Web of Life by Wendy Webber:-

I offer this perspective into the conversation with a sense of gratitude at the opportunity to speak from a place of confluence and congruence. The confluence is of many tributaries that I have been following throughout my life, and the joy at finding them flowing together into a mighty river that I sense leads us back to the ocean of our belonging. The congruence is that I choose only to speak of those things that I have internalised experientially, or experienced while working with others, and while I will quote research at times and bring in various “authorities” the overall proposition comes from an inside place of  felt knowing, not as “the truth,” but as it currently lives in me.”

All of this also triggered in me memories of the first time I heard the word ‘congruent’ when I heard the requirements needed to be a good counsellor along with the term ‘authentic’ and ‘unconditional positive regard’.   A concept developed by the humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers, which is the basic acceptance and support of a person regardless of what the persons says or does, especially in the context of client-centered therapy. 

Which, of course, ties in with all of this beautiful felt knowing as it continues to come together for me. 


Interestingly, once again the synchronicity of this beautiful Universe when Wendy’s words came into my awareness there were another three more Wendys, one an amazing acupuncturist here in Bournemouth, another the wife of martial arts master and the third a possible counsellor for a good friend of mine.