My Story

Before I start My Story I would like to re-write the words I wrote in the Home Page – “I believe there is a universal truth that belongs to the soul.  My soul, in its original form is peace, happiness, love, wisdom and purity – everyone’s soul is, it’s just covered up by life – in all its forms.

I also believe that my present lifetime has been formed by my previous live’s thoughts words and actions, and continues to do so, however now having learnt the rules and guidelines I consciously try not to create more karma.

I must also add that georgies peace of heaven still has to be worked at. I still have some dark nights of the soul when I wrestle with my mind and its contradictions to this truth. There are times when my actions are not as pure as they should be, still times when I can be influenced by the actions and words of others and knocked out of kilter. However over the years these times are getting less as I believe I have gained more conscious awareness which brings me every time closer to my true self. Om shanti.

It was in about 2003 on reading Neale Donald Walsch’s Friendship with God that I finally understood & accepted that it actually was God who had been directing my life, guiding me throughout the whole of this journey as he had done with Neale – and this understanding for me was a ‘felt knowing’

I am now able to identify this ‘felt knowing’ after reading the words of Wendy Webber from Nicolya Christi’s book Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World.

Throughout this experience of my life, please note that I have never had a psychic experience as others say they do, never spoken to any wise being in a guided meditation, never seen any lights, orbs, colours, not even a glimpse of an Angel, however I am sure I was blessed to feel the loving arms of one around me once at a Unity church many years ago.

I feel blessed to have seen two shooting stars one balmy evening on a mountain top in the Italian Dolomites; to have seen a pretty kingfisher flit lightly across a clear running stream;  paused and smelt the sacredness in a flower;  tasted the divine sweetness in a freshly picked strawberry; seen the incredible exquisiteness in the design of a flower; the regal presence of an old wizened oak tree and been completely melted by my beautiful grandson’s (plural)  smiles . And most importantly – I have felt the presence of divinity when I am peaceful enough to surrender and softly sit in the sacred stillness .  All of this gives me that same ‘felt knowing’ – the reassurance that there is a wonderful divine intelligence behind this incredible world we live in.

This ‘felt knowing’ resonates within me at every second, patiently waiting for me to reconnect whenever I awaken to the moment – there is no denying its existence.

So I have decided to write My Story from that ‘felt knowing’. There is no point in writing as if I don’t understand why it all happened because I now have all the knowledge for it to make sense. So please remember as you read, it is just my own humble interpretation of my story.

CORRECTION:-  I now have to correct the above statement that I have never had a psychic experience, spoken to any wise being, seen any lights, orbs, colours not even a glimpse of an Angel, however as of 1st September 2020 I had the beautiful gift of my own unique divine experience in the form of two rats !!!!!!!   for the full RAT5 story go to “Georgies Musings”

And so now I begin –  My Story with Part I  (1948 – 1972),