RATS !!!! (first miracle)

This story is so beautiful on so many different levels. First that God has a sense of humour. At the beginning of “My Story” I said I hadn’t had any ‘extraordinary’ experiences as I believed other people did, and then when it actually happens it’s about RATS !!

On 1st September 2020 my beloved partner, John and I took a drive to Ringwood, a lovely town on the edge of the New Forest. On parking in the supermarket car park I notice a big white 4 x 4 vehicle with the unusual number plate – RAT5 !!!!. I remark about it to John and we smile together.

That morning I had read my ACIM daily lesson, – “244 – I am in danger nowhere in the world” – and more of ACOL, where I was nearing the end of “The Forty days and Forty Nights” that same morning reading Day 33 ‘Being in Relationship’ – “33.3 – All relationship is holy because it is within that being is found and known and interacted with”-

So I was already feeling quite full and brimming over with the holy spirit as we set off on our usual circular walk taking us quickly into the countryside by the River Stour and on the other side of the river there was a jostling herd of cows. I found myself talking with them surprised by their attention.

Two of them were quite beautiful and the larger one very protective of its’ smaller pretty friend. Saying goodbye John and I moved on to walk up a quiet lane back into town. Half way up this lane I was drawn to look on the ground where I had to take a double take as there sitting boldly was a RAT! Walking towards us at the time was a young man with his dog which at that moment had decided to stop suddenly and I asked him if he had possible seen the rat?? He replied ‘no’ the dog was just very stubborn, which I found funny and pointed the rat out to him.

We continued our walk, sat in the sunshine and had a coffee and then returned home.

That Tuesday afternoon at 2.30pm I was due to skype with a ‘mighty companion’ who had been mentoring weekly my ACOL progress. I shared that afternoon about the ‘fullness of spirit’ I had been feeling that morning and the beautiful encounter with the cows, not mentioning the rat.

At 5.30 that same afternoon my mighty companion had arranged that our own Friday ACOL zoom group were being blessed to spend time with Mari Perron, ACOLS first receiver so there was great excitement and anticipation as we said goodbye to each other til we would resume our connection later that afternoon.

So around 3.30’sh I took myself into our small back garden to sit and enjoy the peace and sunshine. I went inside to make a cup of tea and on returning to the garden my eyes were drawn to something under my chair!!! I could write “I couldn’t believe it” however that would be incorrect as I could believe it when I realised it was another RAT !!!!!!!!

This little creature sat, not moving, obviously unwell nestled against the leg of my chair. I knelt on the grass and gently spoke to him and I could feel he was appreciative of the connection. I stroked with one finger his back which was damp. I went inside and found a large pot which would fit over him and with a card slipped underneath, lifted him. I remember he yelped, it was so sad. I took him to the top of the garden and tipped him gently out, he still wasn’t wanting to move. I wondered if he was hungry so went indoors and brought out some bread soaked in milk and put it in front of him in a plastic tray. Talking to him lovingly I know he was listening as his small beady eye connected with mine as I once again gently stroked his head.

I told him that I had to go in as I had a special appointment with a special person and that I would return when the call had finished.

When I returned he had moved. He had taken himself under the hedge and looked even more frail than before, however I was delighted to see that he had eaten ‘his last supper’ I told him I would see him in the morning.

In the morning he was well and truly dead !!!! –

I later ‘googled’ what did an experience of rats mean and couldn’t find anything which made any sense to me?

However, I worked it out for myself – it was a final test for me too and I know that there was no FEAR at all – the only thing I had felt for that little creature was pure LOVE… and thanked God for the divine experience.

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