mc 11 – Visualisation & Personal Validation

See Inspirational Books 1995 and My Story Part IV

This is the first ever visualisation which I wrote as an exercise from Gill Edwards book Living Magically in November 1995 and I requested all of the following:-

That I am working in an environment where I can be giving & using all my compassion, love and light to its full potential. That I can have friends to love and who love me. That I can help & support them and they will willingly do the same for me.

That I can find a special friend to love and spoil who will want to do the same with me.

Freedom to be myself and for my spirituality to grow and develop to its fullest. That I may grow and learn with the experiences of my everyday life and the people that I meet.

I would like a little house, a job where I was able to have a circle of love & sufficient money not to have to worry.

I can see that this wasn’t just wishful thinking – this was Instruction to the Universe who obviously heard every word.!!! TYG


My Story Part III

Have you ever written your own validation?

Have you ever even thought about your talents, what you have been given and what you have achieved. Even if it’s that you know you are a good mum, a cheerful person, a good friend, a good driver. I am sure when you give yourself the time to contemplate on yourSelf you will see that in actual fact you are one, pretty amazing person.

I believe it is really important for each of us to Validate and Honour our own individual journey.

This is mine from 20 years ago, dated 25.11.97

To Validate – Me – Myself

GEORGINA M************

I am a person who has many talents – I have been blessed with experiences of life to make me into a very caring, compassionat & loving person. This in turn has made my job as a Warden into another blessing.

I am a very capable & caring warden, I do my job well. My residents are not only my clients but my friends.

My present situation is that I want to learn to grow and be more articulate. I am to be more confident about myself, what I am worth. I will talk aout what I know and not what I don’t know. I am to think before I speak if I am not sure.

I am to more instinctive and say what I am thinking and not squash it – by stifling my intuition.

I’m totally responsible for the life I create and will no longer allow my previous tendency to say that ‘my problem’ is – from now on I will look on ‘my problem’ as the opportunity for change for my new direction. – My new way of thinking.

I will value myself for what I am, this loving compassionate woman who has been blessed by God’s Grace with my new job as Warden with my delightful residents. I will not undervalue what I do everyday.

I know I can handle this new challenge – I have God’s loving guidance – I cannot fail – I will grow from strength to strength.

Life is a wonderful adventure for me to journey along accompanied by God’s own selected friends for me ….

This is the beginning of my new experience – this is me changing direction

Thank you to the Universe and all that it has provided for me”.

written by hand 25th November 1997.


I have the actual originals of both of these !!!!