Kind words from friends

From the joyous Vanda North –   co-founder of MindChi (a brilliant 8 minute mind/spirit workout).         ttps://

“When Georgie sets her mind to achieve a goal, watch out world !!
She has been preparing in so many ways for this next phase of her life – it is a wonderful combination of all her learnings, experiences, and ruminations.

So drink deeply from this fountain and know that you will be fulfilling Georgie’s purpose on this planet!”


From Nicolya Christy , author of Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World. :

I think it is wonderful Georgie .. you know .. it has the same energetic feeling as Wendy (Webber) .. its full of grace and gentleness, deep wisdom and gnosis, and humility and beauty .. It really is a beautiful offering Georgie .. Feels like a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance … Truly beautiful accomplishment … Thank you for featuring my own words too …


From Beverley:–  

“Georgie has been such an inspiration, teacher & guide on my own spiritual journey.  She once told me to ‘Trust the Process’, which I have incorporated into my life.   She has grown so much since our first meeting in 2001 in Turkey.  She walks her talk with grace, love and appreciation.  She is truly following her path.  God always walks with her, as with all of us.  Namaste.”


From John’s friend, Swansea Sue:

When I met John I liked him instantly and what I felt was he would appreciate being listened too, so I did.     I always remember coming back after the Christmas break in January 1998 as John had this huge grin on his face.  He was singing at the top of his voice and joking and laughing.  We all said ‘John’s in love’.

It was shortly after that that he started taking me and my daughter and her friend Jay to Wales.  We would always have a sing song in the car to a tape someone had made for John.

He fitted in so well with my family.  My Dad would take him to exercise classes at the leisure centre and my Mum would make really tasty meals for all of us.  John seemed to really appreciate the warmth with which he was greeted.

After a few years I met Georgie when she moved in with John.  She still let him take us to Wales because she has a generous spirit as I have recently discovered more and more as Georgie has become my support worker as I am confined to a wheelchair.

Georgie has been so supportive and patient and kind and puts a lot of effort into life and her energy and enthusiasm rubs off”


From Sue Stone, Bournemouth’s own Happiness Guru 

“I first met Georgie many years ago when she came to my Positive Living Group in Bournemouth.  What struck me very quickly was her beautiful energy. clearly she was a hugely kind, authentic and caring lady taking positive action to really make a difference in people’s lives.  Thank you Georgie for all you do helping others and keep up the good work.”


From Wendy the founder of   when I  wrote to ask her if it was OK to mention her amazing holiday company for people with disabilities,

this was her reply“Hi, that is lovely and I hope all goes well with you and your studies.  We are very happy for you to mention us, we loved our time working with you both.  It seems we have both put our minds to studying. I have just completed a course in Gloucester and have now been made a local minister which means I now have my own family church in a local school which is slowly growing, it is called Mustard tree.  We only meet once a month on a Saturday. But I really enjoy it and its good to know I can still do the course.     Love to you both, wendy”

as you can see Wendy has her own relationship with the Universe – and I now know that it was the Universe who brought us together in June 2005.


From my own inspirational friend Hils, 

One of Georgie’s many gifts is her determination to stay positive and optimistic no matter what, and live according to her highest truth. I know she’s been living that way for a long time and now does that rare thing – rejects the old narratives of inevitable decline and demonstrates that joy and wellbeing, on the contrary, can actually increase with age. In this I feel she anchors a rare and much needed space and I find her example invaluable and endlessly inspiring. She and her partner John are also just two of the most good-hearted people you could wish to meet and I feel blessed to have them as friends.


From gentle Delia, one of our wonderful, reliable Options Holidays staff members who has become a beautiful friend.

“I met Georgie at work 

We were both working for the same agency company 

We jelled straight away 

She came into my life just when I needed her most 

I was going through a tough time after my marriage finished and my lovely mum developed dementia 

Georgie was like a guardian angel who lit up my life.

Her beautiful smile, such a lovely personality 

Made me see that life will get better. 

Just meeting up for a coffee, going for a meal with Georgie and her lovely partner John 

I feel so positive about everything and the feeling gets better and better each time we meet 

Georgie has become a good friend to my daughter too and recently went to her wedding 

My daughter thinks the world of them both 

When I think of Georgie I see a lovely positive spiritual women who has changed lives 

Certainly changed mine 

I am so pleased I met her 

Nearly ten years of special friendship, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.                      Delia xxx”


Kind words from my John ;-

My SoulMate Georgie is happy to greet each new day, exuding brightness, positive energy and love. Full of optimism for the day ahead.

Georgie and I are blessed in sharing the wonderful things the Universe has to offer. We are filled with joy with the simple things (which really are very special), such as to walk by the beach, watching and listening the musical sound of the sea breaking over the shore. Or, walking through Bournemouth Gardens, taking in the different shades of colour of the leaves and flowers changing between Autumn and Spring.

Georgie is kind, thoughtful, fun, generous and helpful, not just to me, but to many others that have needed help in various ways.

Georgie is a positive inspiration to many and is blessed with a natural gift of easily making connection with people, wherever she goes.   

John xx


A very special email from Sri Ramana Devi in response to my original email to her

Dear Georgie,

It is so lovely to hear from you, Thank you for your kind message. I am currently working in India for 6 weeks, and will be home in UK at the end of November.

You sound like you are having a wonderful time with your spiritual life, and all your beautiful experiences. I am very happy for you, it is so wonderful to find something that one can resonate with on a spiritual level. Thank you for sharing your self with me on your email, it was very kind of you.

I teach Advaita Vedanta, and seek to simplify it for western hearts and minds, but without losing its authenticity. It is a precious gift for humanity, the idea of oneness and non duality. It solves all violence in the world, when we realise what we do to another, we are actually doing to ourselves. But the most important lesson is the inner violence, the thoughts and endless chatter in one’s own mind that must be conquered with spiritual practice.

If you would like to help me to share this Advaita Vedanta in the western world please do let me know? If you just wish to engage, and receive some Darshan to assist you on your path this is also fine! I am happy to help.

All My Love


From Darienne

Darienne Empire
+Georgie Fox oh absolutely you can share the video! And congratulations.


From a dear friend Jane in my birthday card :-

To my beautiful friend Georgie, who’s helped me get my faith in humanity back again.  I’ll be forever grateful to you.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  Lots of love  Jane xxx


From Sister Amanda at the Brahma Kumaris, Global Retreat Centre, Oxford

Thanks Georgie for your email and the link to your lovely website. 

I am sure you will inspire many people though it.  I really admire your spirit of service. 
All the best !
 Manda Patel
Global Retreat Centre