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Well here I am today 6th August 2019, just 23 months after this ‘georgiespeaceofheaven’ website went out and there has been over 8000 views.

My awareness has deepened and although there is still a part of me that awaits to experience ‘ the peace that passeth all understanding’ – I know that I do experience a peace and flow with life and couldn’t be more grateful for the life that I have.

During this last two years this has been helped especially with my beloved John who continues to inspire me with his peace and acceptance of ‘what is’ even though his own energy levels and well being are often a challenge.

Then with wonderful friends and groups, Pepa, Padma, Harshani, Wendy, Shakti Prem, all wonderful hearts sisters from Heart of Living Yoga;

also an amazing young woman with an incredibly old soul, Courtney Admundson who has channeled ‘Greeting Your Soul and Revealing the Divine Wisdom’ containing divinely inspired words to each of our souls.

also all the wise words of Rupert Spira explaining how to access the Direct Path,

and most recently I am following daily ‘A Course in Miracles‘ and the interpretation of it’s wisdom by it’s best ever student, Marianne Williamson.

alongside ACIM also being gently facilitated by A Presence of Love study group with the wonderful Robert and Hollie Holden.

even Rick Archer with his ‘Buddha at the Gas Pump‘ and the wonderful interviews he conducts with ‘enlightened??’ people.

All of the above, I know, are helping tremendously and some days I feel that I am living completely with Awareness and Love and life flows, simply and divinely.

And the beings of love and light, who speak through Courtney’s book have allowed me to become more gentle with myself when I appear to loose this equanimity and know that ‘All is Well’ even when it appears otherwise. This message is confirmed in the lessons of ACIM with ‘forgiveness’ and in Rupert’s talks he facilitates our natural return to Source.

Our Presence Abides. Love is all there is. Knowing not doubting. Letting go and surrendering. Trusting the Process. Always with the pure essence of Presence, Grace, Love, Truth, Wisdom and Joy. Thank you God. AMEN

I get this – my awareness confirms all of the above – most of the time until I am not!!!

another disconnection ! another period of doubt. I realise that my biggest challenge is meditation itself !!!!!!! I am not disciplined to sit and focus long enough to return to the bliss of source and I think this is one of the reasons why I don’t sleep well. My mind has never really known what ‘non thinking’ really is. I have a couple of mantra’s from various sources, I did a bandit TM course about 5 years ago but they don’t even last 5 minutes!!!!!

I can experience a loving peace, I know that loving peace however I still struggle to enter or summon the peace when necessary.

I am deciding to post this as it is and will continue another time, ..should you be reading this, thank you for being with me and do email me at [email protected] to say a heart2heart hello xxxx

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