My story part VII (2016 – present day)

I revisited the Dominican Sisters last year, July 2016 for another four day visit. The adorable sisters were still the same plus one new postulant, each one I could see as an individual Disney cartoon character, even with the slightly forgetful, resident, retired priest who lived in the grounds of the Priory. Amusingly I went through a similar experience as I had done the last time, five years earlier, when I thought I could go up for communion at the lunch time Eucharist mass. Only to be gently challenged by the sweet French sister asking me again ‘when did I last have Confession, and best that I saw the priest?’ At the first visit I had had an interesting introspection ‘arrogantly’ searching for ‘why and what’ I needed to confess, with the authentic confrontation of my ‘ego’ thinking that it could do no wrong! During that next hour it was beautiful to watch my soul reveal to my mind the real reasons why it just might be a good idea. 

Now as I am writing this today, amazingly I can see the divine similarity with Ho’oponopono and confession and the church.

The other lesson from this second visit was when, sat with the priest discussing again my inherited Catholicism and ‘need for confession’, I found myself smiling when in my mind the word ‘UNSUBSCRIBE‘ rose before my eyes and I realised that I didn’t have to please anyone anymore by pretending to be something that I was not. I shared this with the priest who also smiled and, I think was a bit relieved that all he needed to do now was just give me a blessing at the Eucharist and not the ‘bread and wine’. What a ‘letting go’ and new awareness. TYG 

On my times away and these respite care assignments I usually agreed to only a week away at a time, however one lovely lady requested ten days the first week in December 2015, which interestingly had a double knock on effect.  I would have about three hours off every afternoon and it was during this time that I had my first opportunity to explore my recently acquired i-phone especially discovering Mr Google and YouTube and all the talks – especially the amazing Ted Talks, many of them validating the best ways to live this life.  I describe in My Music how I was totally enchanted by this facility and found myself watching enlightening talks and realising I could keep them to return to later.

The second effect was that on returning home after ten days away, I realised that my special friend John was not coping on his own as well as he used to. So we decided that four nights away maximum would be the limit for any of my future time away.  This time away is now usually a two and half hour drive away to visit my precious daughter and new grandson whose long awaited conception had been divinely facilitated by Jeanette an angel of a reflexologist   (I never knew that reflexology and acupuncture  could have such positive results with fertility) My daughter and little one are both so blessed to be completely loved by the little one’s father. Each visit I witness the tangible evidence of this love permeating each one of them and in between visits, most afternoons, is this amazing Facetime where they can see me and I can see them and know that all is well. TYG

The end of this year 2016 also brought an end to our local DCF group (through which we had met Julia in 2003).  It had been John who had volunteered first in 2001 and I had joined him as an escort on the minibus collecting lovely folk with varying disabilities from there homes and taking them to a monthly, Christian led get-together with afternoon tea and entertainment.  I enjoyed being responsible for any extra outings such as tractor & trailer rides, very popular steam train visits to Swanage and wonderful trips around Poole Harbour on the Dolphin boat specially adapted for wheelchairs by the RNLI ; also welfare, and even later when the treasurer retired, taking on the book-keeping for the last two years and was delighted when I was able to balance the books quite competently, especially at the year end.  TYG  The treasurer wasn’t the only one to retire, as many of our committee and volunteers were well into there retirement years and needed to begin to take it easy themselves, so with much regret to our members we had to sadly disband our beloved DCF which had been offering Christian friendship since 1983.

I now realise that this was all part of the Universe clearing the way for me to focus my time on the website.  May this same year, with a series of Universal synchronicities based around me wanting to purchase a copy of Nicolya Christi’s book, Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World   (see My Inspirational Books 2015:  MC9  and  1A  in  MC7 ).  In the process I found my self offering to Geoff at Cygnus to start a local Cygnus Cafe group.  I have to add, that I had attempted to start a few spiritual groups locally and curiously none of them ever took off – the Universe I now see had this bigger project for me.  However, our little Cygnus group was enjoyed for about 8 months until I realised that this website had to be birthed and the group ended.

Whilst browsing YouTube last year the Universe also brought to my attention a beautiful young woman who I was to discover lived in the north of England and on further investigation soon realised that she was an Enlightened being and had been since the age of 5. I was mesmerised by this awareness, a little like when I first became aware of Sai Baba 25 years ago.

However Sri Ramana Devi is alive now and living here in the UK in this moment. I was prompted to email her and from her reply (see MC1) and listening to her words on Advaita Vedanta whose roots go back to the Upanishads  based on sacred Hindu scriptures from 600 BC, I was guided to prepare my own A-Z of God meditationI now use this frequently as a means to enter the Sacred Stillness, more often not when I am in my bed and sleep is being a bit evasive, or first thing in the morning when I make a concerted effort to connect before I get out from my bed.

I confess I am still not a good yoga student, I cannot sit for long periods in deep meditation – it is obviously not my way however I do make conscious loving connection with this divine intelligence frequently during my day and it’s usually in the form of an inner  loving dialogue of Gratitude. Knowing now that everything that happens is God given and even if I don’t like it, I know that there is something there for me to look at and learn from. Even when taking money from the cash machine or when paying by credit card for my shopping, I walk back to my car, pushing the laden trolley saying thank you God for this abundance, thank you that I have sufficient money in the bank, thank you for my little car. Thank you for my body that I have the energy to come shopping, thank you for when filling the car with petrol. Thank you that I have a loving man waiting at home.

honestly do not take anything for granted. I know it is God’s will that I have what I have and I will be forever thankful to that power that ‘it is as it is, until it’s not’.

This is the same for anything else in my life now. The day is always going to be sunny unless it’s not; I can do whatever is needed to be done – unless I am unable; we will have a trouble free journey, unless it isn’t; our holiday will be brilliantthe room perfect and the weather fine – unless it’s not etc., etc.,

And when it is not – ‘it is, as it is’.      Alleluia.  

This is what Eckhart Tolle calls the  ‘is’ness  of life.   (see the links to his talks in Food for Thought)

I feel that as I write those words I have really nearly finished. Lots of things have come full circle, I have met Richard again and his lovely new wife when on assignment with my Guildford lady a couple of years ago; and on an initial NLP course in 2010 was recommended again my first spiritual friend Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. On my last weekend at BK early January 2015 I met again my BK Yoga sister who took my course in 1997.

The Universe just continues to re-inforce it’s loving guidance and protection of me. Directing me where I need to go, giving me the odd nudge when I fall a bit short of remembering the rules of this game of life.

There are Laws to this Universe and rules to this game if you want your life to flow, the spiritual bigger picture is a serious reality.  The whole world desperately needs to consciously mature by making regular loving conscious connection ( ) and when  you do your life will flow too ……

go well my friend, my soul brother,  my soul sister –

metta   –   namaste

om shanti

always with love




Of course time moves on and what was the end of My Story Part VII in October 2017 has now expanded further.

So do I continue here or shall I start Part VIII ????

in shallah