mc 3 – John Randolph Price

mc 3

Spirit of the living God within, my spirit, my very God-Self.. my heart overflows with love for you. My Soul sings songs of boundless adoration for you.. my mind reaches out to you in total devotion… and I radiate the love I am and have to you with all the power of my being. Oh, I love you so much! You are all I seek, and nothing in my life is more important than my oneness with you.

You are my beloved Self, and when I look within, and feel and see and know you, I am beholding the truth of all. Every person who has ever been a part of my consciousness is in Reality none other than you. I understand this, and now I can love everyone as my Self, for I see my Self in all, as all. My relationships of the past, present, and future are now enfolded in love and harmonised for the good of all.

It is so wonderful to realise that there is but one Self, one Presence, one Power. Thank you, my glorious Spirit Self, for this understanding. And thank you for understanding me. for knowing every detail of my life… for seeing not only my needs, but also the fulfilment of those needs. God knows! And because you know, the questions are already answered, the problems are already solved, for Divine action eternally follows Divine Knowingness.

Now I can relax and behold the Activity of God knowing that it is the only Power at work in my life and affairs. The dynamic movement of Creative Energy is taking place now, in and through me. My spirit knows exactly what to do, and is doing it now. The crooked places have been straightened, and that which concerns me has been perfected. The earthly illusion has been replaced with the Heavenly Vision: and I am now whole, strong, and free.

Taken from ‘ The Meditation Book’ by John Randolph Price


When I found this little book and discovered these words within, I was totally smitten with them.  They came alive for me as I read them, each time I could feel the conversation between my Self  and my Spirit.  I read them frequently, as often as I could and am so happy to be able to share them with you here.