2nd and 3rd miracle !!

After my amazing RAT experience on the 1st September, I have since been blessed with two other miracles in quick succession. How divinely incredible is that, I wait a whole life time, 72 years to experience a miracle and then three come along in one month !!!!!!

I have written in the new introduction to my ‘Home Page’ that I have been led to fully accept my Christ Self with an open invitation to Mother Mary and Jesus to now come into my life.

During this time one of my HOLY heart sisters became very poorly indeed and her physical deteriorated to a point of extreme concern. Lots of prayers were said and I made a special entry at the back of my journal, which I call the altar of God, where I place situations that I know only the divine can rectify calling specifically upon Mother Mary to fully embrace this beloved sister. Mother Mary facilitated for this beloved heart sister for her own mother and sister to come over to stay and support and within one week the turn around had begun, and the second miracle and healing is well and truly taking place – hallelujah

The third miracle was also at the bequest of Mother Mary. As I wrote in the new introduction to the Home Page, my ‘separate self’ had continually been disappointed that there was little feedback to this website. So during this same month, now beginning to sit up and take more notice of the power of Mary and Jesus, and realising that Mary was talking to me, was with me, if only I would take the time to connect with her. Beloved Sebastian from ‘Choose only Love’ was gently letting us know each week that Mary is always here waiting for us to ask her for her help. So I wrote one more time on the altar, whispering to her would she provide just one reply, one response on this website.

I waited, I prayed again, I waited, and then on Sunday evening there was a (1) saying there was a message on georgiespoh. I decided to save opening it til the next morning and when I did I was completely humbled and then ecstatic when I saw it was from Rick Greathouse the receiver of ‘Journey into the Unknown’ from CoCreating Clarity whom I had emailed earlier that week. He had looked at my website and had sent a message. I knew that Mother Mary had facilitated this.

From none to three in one month – what can I say??

I feel there is a lot happening here, I am being called to step up. To speak my truth.

Mother Mary is asking me to speak out on Spiritual ID – what does that mean? It’s two fold:- Spiritual Identity and Spiritual Inner Dialogue.

That will be either be my next Post or I am to put it out and share with fellow travellers on zoom.

I ask Mother Mary here for the guidance to fulfill this calling. Amen

1 thought on “2nd and 3rd miracle !!

  1. Georgie!

    You were so sweet to the rat! They probably don’t get a lot of love from humans as many of us are terrified of them and their smaller cousins, mice.

    Aren’t we all rats sometimes, looking for love and acceptance and rarely finding any?

    I’m so glad your friend is doing so much better these days! I can’t wait to read more!

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