mc 13 – Louisa’s testimonial

mc 13 –  My Story VI

These are the words I wrote in Louisa‘s visitors book on the Friday 26th July 2013

Louisa helps you to make sense of your life,

Louisa helps you to validate the life you have led,

Louisa leads you to discover your true worth

Through actual past lives explained,

you are able to understand the reasons for your questions

which have always been there in this life time,

and NOW they are answered.

georgie fox.



Also interestingly on the Monday morning of my visit I sent this email to Louisa:- 

From: georgie fox

Date 22 July 2013 11.50

To: louisa

Dearest Louisa,

this was waiting for me when I turned my computer on for the first and last time this week !!

“All is well, everything is working out for my highest good, I am safe…”

See you later,

with love


sent after receiving the following email and then forwarding it to Louisa

From: Neale Donald Walsh

Sent; Monday July 22   8.28AM

To: georgie fox

Subject; I Believe God Wants You to Know

On this day of your life, Dear Friends I believe God wants you to know..

that it is time for you to give your mind a respite,

a retreat from all the illusion of your Every Day.

How long has it been since you paid attention –real attention–

to your soul? There are many ways to nourish the soul,

but you often must stop, just simply stop, life as you are living it..

if only for an hour or a day or a week.. and take some time

to gift your soul. Or, more accurately,

to allow you soul to gift

love your friend


How amazing and wonderful is that !! what universal synchronicity