Food for thought

As I have been putting this website together onto the computer I have come across so much that I want to share with you, mainly inspirational talks on You Tube and I was deciding if they could be used to keep the website alive perhaps by posting on ‘a couple of times a week’ basis.
However it became evident there should be some here NOW in this Present Moment, for you to have the opportunity to watch if you want to.
(At this point, I am back here a year later, to apologise that some of the links below are now not accessible *** – I am in the process of trying to update them)
This first link “Who is God?”   is by Darienne, an outrageous, beautiful woman whose choice of language will sometimes challenge – she has been said to be ‘a preacher and a curser‘ .  I discovered this incredible teacher  at the beginning of the year (I have discovered they come in all shapes and forms, God doesn’t mind who he uses as long as they are inspirational! )and as much as I found her ‘cursing’ distracting at times, there was no distracting from the message that she is able to portray.  She is unique, she is quirky, she is empathic, she has been practicing what she preaches for over 12 years with love.
There are lots on her Freedom Friday website, be selective, this one is   “What it really means to love Yourself” :
During this time I also felt that there could be a whole section devoted to the talks by Eckhart Tolle, for many today he is the ultimate master teacher and also one of the most humble.
There are so many of his talks on You Tube and I would next like to add to my ‘Food for Thought‘ section some of those that can really explain, with a greater clarity most of which I have sharing.    ***  Be prepared that this one will be one of the biggest challenges to the ego as it experiences the full gambit to all its senses.  It will see this little person, Eckhart, who doesn’t look imposing at all, quite humble in fact. (the ego doesn’t do humble!)  Next Eckhart’s words are simple (the ego thinks that things have to be complex for it to show how clever it is) and then of course, there are the interuptions by the adverts which really test ‘patience‘ of which the ego has very little.  This is where we really have the opportunity to practice soul consciousness knowing that ‘the words we are listening to’ are necessary for our conscious awareness to evolve.
Two more below are excellent for understanding the mind – self,ego, me and mine and time,present & future     ***  *****
and you will find many, many others alongside these
Next these are a selection of TED talks which I also find totally inspiring.
couldn’t fit more perfectly to the story of   Little Soul  – just incredible synchronicity to have found this Ted Talk.
This next one  by Jacqueline Way shows how to be happy through giving  (service) and how easy it can be and that it is never too early to start to learn.
Dr Ivtzan’s wonderful story of positive mindfulness and transformation
All of these TED talks You Tubes will give you access to many other incredible and inspiring true talks.
This is the best link to Dr Bruce Lipton who wrote The Biology of Belief, however its presentation is by London Real who are promoting themselves at the beginning – it you move to 5.26 you will miss this out.  Amazing talk on epigenetics and consciousness 
Then finally there is a link to probably one of the most amazing human beings on this planet at the moment – Nick Vujicic.
To warrant this accolade I will just add that Nick is a Christian, who has the most trusting relationship with God (see Home Page ‘you may call it by any other name’).  He has been born with the wonderful gift to inspire all those who he meets through the stories of his beautiful family and examples of how he has learnt to live with acceptance, patience, determination, tolerance, gratitude and appreciation for a life that very few others will experience.
I knew I was well on the right track when everything was Universally validated by this horoscope in the 21st September 2017,  Daily Mail weekend magazine by Oscar Cainer, the nephew of the brilliant astrologist Jonathan Cainer who died last year.  Oscar has brilliantly picked up where Jonathan left off, and these were his words for Libra that Saturday, two weeks before my website’s launch:-
“There’s no doubt about it. You inspire, enable and care for more people than you realise.  And, in return, those people care deeply for you.  The trouble is that you don’t recognise yourself in that description.  This week , the cosmos wants you to look a little closer and recognise the powerful and magnetic individual that you are.  It’s holding out an opportunity for you.  But in order to take full advantage of the celestial gift, you need to recognise your potential.  Do that and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve”.
So today is the 3rd October 2017 and I am totally delighted that this is all on schedule.  In a conversation with God early on, we had decided that the website would be launched on my birthday which is this Saturday the 7th.
Since that conversation I have felt no pressure, no panic, knowing that it will all work out and also that ‘felt knowing‘ that even if it doesn’t happen on that day – that’s OK too.
7th October,  “Happy Birthday to Me”  with an honouring and moving into my 70th year after this incredible couple of months that have convinced me totally of  MC5 with the website being set free next week.
I knew that  Oscar from the  Daily Mail weekend magazine would have a message for me to day and I am humbled and delighted to share it with you here – it is a total Universal verification and validation of these last few monthsTYG
Jupiter is about to leave your sign.  Although the presence of the King of the Gods has brought blessings, you’ll be glad to hear that you’re entering an era of relative calm.  The time when the planet departs is like a doorway from one room to another; it marks an end to a period of change and a new beginning.  The work you’ve been putting in over the last few months has reached its natural conclusion.  It will soon bear fruit.  It takes time for the effects of a transformation to be revealed.  Meanwhile, you can enjoy the calm.” 
This afternoon I have been compiling the first emails to carry my ‘website link‘ to go out to friends who have left gentle footprints on my journey to becoming soul conscious and these emails are sitting waiting in ‘Drafts‘.
Just before I hit that ‘send‘ button I decided to check Oscars weekend horoscope and once again he doesn’t fail, he obviously has an amazing connection with the divine intelligence.
” Religion used to be called the opium of the people.  Now, though, we have laptops and giant TV monitors to distract us from our day-to-day thoughts and problems.  With a click of a switch we can lose our minds in other people’s stories and dramas.  Hours can pass without us even moving from the sofa.  There’s a chance that recently, you’ve been distracted by a fantasty that is both convenient and easy to believe.  This week, as Venus moves into your sign, the dream can become a part of your reality ”   !!
Can you believe those words ? – I couldn’t have given someone all the background on this website and asked them to write me a Validation of what I am hoping to InspireOscar has done it for me – Thank you Oscar and TYG