Georgie’s peace of heaven” has been achieved souly with the full acknowledgement of my relationship with my Higher Self, my inner Divinity, God, Universe or sometimes Lord when I am in prayer or writing my journal.

Spirit, Nature, you may call
it by any other name; it doesn’t mind what you call it, as long as you truly recognise it for the power it has, respect it for the sacredness it is and to know that it lies within you.

It’s taken me over 30 years to learn to truly recognise this universal divine intelligence
, talk to it, love it and trust it and eventually humbly realise that I am it.
Be assured that
“Life doesn’t happen to you, It happens for You”.

I confess that I don’t always manage this state of equanimity, still I am capable of floundering when I lose my connection sometimes for a day, sometimes even longer.

it always comes back and then I am gently able to re-focus, remember, return, reconnect, re-calibrate, re-align, rejoice and reset.
See my own  A-Z of God
in My Coursework 1 (MC1).  And then, I use as often as possible, the latest addition to my personal spiritual toolbox, the powerful, yet so simple Ho-oponopono.  (MC2)

And when I finally understood all this power that is within me – this website was born.

This website has been a long time coming, however the Universe has always known it was there. I have composed so many facets of it, so many times in my early morning musings, seen myself stood talking in front of many people sharing this knowledge. But it wasn’t ready to manifest until NOW.

Let me say thank you to you for being here, for taking the time to come and visit and meet with me. In meeting with me here, my intention is for you to meet with yourself, and to get to know yourself at a more intimate level than you have ever done before. I now know, and completely accept that we are all one – within this website I want you to get to know yourself as me. See the most beautiful words of John Randolph Price. “ Every person who has ever been a part of my consciousness is in reality none other you”   (MC3)

The website will be put together as a collection of the many years of my own spiritual study at the ubiquitous University of Life – and this is all  My Coursework .  This website is my Master’s degree.   See Marianne Williamson’s words  (MC4)  (that for many people, were credited incorrectly to Nelson Mandela)  and,

I hereby acknowledge wholeheartedly that “Today I am being brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous. I know I am a child of God and I am letting my light shine at last – and in the process I am giving YOU the permission to do the same.”   What are you waiting for??

All these referred quotes highlighted here  have been prompting & supporting me for years – I knowingly loved them, but obviously wasn’t ready to take them on totally as my own.

Until, a couple of months ago when I realised that there was something magical really starting to manifest.  I have found that the words of Goethe  (MC5) which I had known could be possible, but had never taken the actual steps to start the process –   “I wasn’t committed – there was hesitancy”,   until I was forced to realise that this ‘moment’ was to be done by myself  (you will read in Part IV of My Story how I was using the excuse of waiting for my beloved partner John to join me)  and the moment I put www.georgiespeaceofheaven.co.uk out to the Universe  “All sorts of things occurred to help me that would never otherwise have occurred, a whole stream of unbelievable events, unforeseen incidents and meetings which no man could have dreamt would have come my way”.

I promise here, to always write from my own truth (it may be different to yours) however I believe there is a universal truth that belongs to the soul.  My soul, in its original form is peace, happiness, love, wisdom and purity – everyone’s soul is,  it’s just covered up by life – in all its many forms.  See Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

Here within these pages, you will find links to most facets of life (let me know if I have missed something of interest to you).  I invite you to feel free to copy and crib whatever you want from here.  I want to make it easy for you, instead of listening to or reading books by many different teachers.  It is a tried and tested resource centre known to have guaranteed results.  I can give you the links to some real nuggets, precious gems and words of inspirational wisdom that will resonate with your inner core and speak with your soul, your essence.

If you are open; if you already know that you are a soul having a human experience; if your purpose is to learn more; if you are ready; then delve in here NOW.

Om Shanti  (MC6)

always with love

georgie xx


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